Why Does My Car Shake When I Brake? – Reader’s Questions

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Jim asks the question “why does my car shake when I brake?”. Welcome to the first Reader’s Questions! If you have a car related question, please leave it in the comments at the end of this article or email it to dan@dangerneering.com. Often a car can develop a shake or vibration when the brakes are applied. This can occur at different speeds, and may only be noticeable when the brakes are applied a certain amount. Regardless, all of the symtoms generally come down to the same common issue. Glazed Brake Discs (rotors) Rust can occur… Read More »Why Does My Car Shake When I Brake? – Reader’s Questions

Car Exhaust Modification – How To Make Your Car Faster – Part 2

Breathing. It’s kinda important, to both you and your engine. Good car exhaust modification is a great way to remove the restrictions in the standard system and release more power. Plus a cool benefit is getting it to really sing when you stamp on the loud pedal! I have spent many a long time cutting out exhaust pipes and replacing them with my own better version. However, it is not as simple as replacing it all with the biggest pipes you can find, you can actually reduce the power in a naturally aspirated engine by… Read More »Car Exhaust Modification – How To Make Your Car Faster – Part 2

How To Make Your Car Faster – Part 1

We all want our cars to go faster, and if you’ve just started to modify your car for speed, here are my recommended mods to make your car faster. I actually started this post with the intention of including my top 5 all in one post, but once I got going it soon became obvious it would turn in to a very long single post, so I have decided to split it up over multiple posts. The aim here is to set a good baseline tune for you to build on. Would it be fair… Read More »How To Make Your Car Faster – Part 1

Is Lewis Hamilton Going To Ferrari?

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The story that seems to pop up every few years “is Lewis Hamilton going to Ferrari?”. Lewis Hamilton is on the brink of becoming the most successful Formula 1 racing driver in history. Whenever we finally get the season started in 2020, Hamilton could not only equal Micheal Schumacher’s tally of seven World Driver Titles, but he could break many other records too, including: podium finishes, Grand Prix won having lead every lap, Grand Slams, number of race wins, and a few others. Given that the 2020 Formula 1 season, along with just about everything… Read More »Is Lewis Hamilton Going To Ferrari?

Car Shampoo – Your Questions Answered

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Your car needs as much care of the exterior as much as you care for the engine. Car enthusiasts and automobile owners know the appearance of the vehicle matters as much as other parts of the vehicle. Frequent washing with the appropriate tools and methods is guaranteed to ensure your car finish lasts long. Car shampoo, as the name suggests, is a shampoo for cars. It’s a specially made cleaning agent to care for your vehicle. If you’re a proud owner of a beautiful car and you want to retain its beauty, you should wash the vehicle regularly with car shampoo. Now, you might be thinking… Read More »Car Shampoo – Your Questions Answered

About Dan

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Hi everyone, welcome to my Racecar Parts website! Motorsport and racing cars have been a passion of mine as far back as I can remember. When all my friends wanted the Matchbox versions of Ferrari and Lamborghini I always wanted the Ford Mondeos and Subaru Imprezas. I have also always had a passion for making things, and modifying already made things to make them faster, or lighter, or turn quicker… I even tried adding aerodynamics to my bicycle! Being a teenager in the Western Isles of Scotland meant that getting to actually see a racing… Read More »About Dan