October 2020

Rust Repair

How To Fix Rusted Car Body

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No one likes to look at their pride and joy and see ugly rust spots on it. As well as being unsightly, it is a sign that your vehicle is slow eroding away right before your eyes. In this article “How To Fix Rusted Car Body” I will share with you four techniques on how you can tackle that pesky rust to preserve the life of your car and also get it looking great again too. I have done the leg work for you and found what in my opinion are the four best video… Read More »How To Fix Rusted Car Body

Seized Brake Caliper Slide Pins

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As we discussed in the previous article, How To Free Seized Brakes, it is possible the brake caliper slide pins can become stuck or seized, so we will look at how to fix that here. Why Brake Caliper Slide Pins Seize As before, with the brake piston boot, the caliper slides also have a rubber boot that if damaged can let moisture and dirt in, causing it to seize. In fact, in some cases moisture can occur even if the boot is not damaged, due to condensation caused by the constant heating and cooling in… Read More »Seized Brake Caliper Slide Pins

How To Free Seized Brakes

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In this article we look at ways to free seized brakes on your car, van, or 4×4. “seized brakes” can often be the term or phrase given to describe a “binding brake” or a “stuck brake”, sometimes an MOT failure may list it as a “brake bind”. Generally there will be two common reasons for this: the brake caliper piston has become stiff or stuck in its travel within the brake caliper bore, or the brake caliper sliders have become stiff or stuck in their travel within the caliper carrier Rather than making this into… Read More »How To Free Seized Brakes