November 2020


Land Rover Defender Project – Introduction

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Welcome to the first installment of my Land Rover Defender Project! In this series of posts, I am going to be covering the total rebuild of my Defender, as well as the back story to the project and in this post, the pre-story. This is going to be like a build-log, or b-log. Yes, that’s right people, I even managed to Dangerneer the word “blog”. Right then, lets get into it… Where It All Began When I think back to where I first got the Land Rover bug, there is one particular point in my… Read More »Land Rover Defender Project – Introduction

How To Fix My Car

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With the increasing complexity of car technology, and the need for garages to keep up with the latest repair equipment and keep their mechanics training up to date, comes ever-increasing car repair costs. You may think that you could do some of this yourself “if only I knew how to fix my car”, well fear not, here is a quick guide to set you off on the right track. As you can well imagine, the subject of vehicle repairs can be vast, I could write a ten thousand word article just about spark plugs. I… Read More »How To Fix My Car

Car Body Repair Panels – How To Make Your Own

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In the previous article we looked at ways to repair rust on your car body panels. One of the techniques involved welding in a repair patch that the person made themselves, so in this article we are going to look at some ways to make your own car body repair panels. If you haven’t yet seen the previous article, you can check it out here: How To Fix Rusted Car Body The Basics To Shaping Metal I’m going to ahead and assume that either you can sufficiently weld thin sheet metal, or that you have… Read More »Car Body Repair Panels – How To Make Your Own