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Dan BuckleyHi everyone, welcome to Dangerneering! Making things and working out how things are made have been a passion of mine as far back as I can remember. When all my friends were happy to just have something and use it, I always wanted to take it apart and see how it can be improved. I have always had this passion and ability not only to make things but also to figure out how to make them better or how to fix something.

I also have a great interest in mountain biking, cars, and 4x4s. I like making things out of metal, whether it is a part for a vehicle, a tool to fix or make something, or a completely custom-designed and made item from the ground up.

Take this handrail for example. The customer asked for “a rail over some steps that looks like it is being held up by two trees.”

“Okay, no problem.”

Tree Hand Rail








It’s not just bendy bits of metal I do either. Here’s some rust that I repaired on a vehicle:

Rust Repair

Here’s an engine mount that I had to make in the middle of the night because the car needed to be used at 7 am the next day for the owner to get to work:

Engine Mount

And here’s a picture of me smashing through some mud in my Land Rover:

Land Rover Mud

My point with all of this is that while I might not have done anything in particular, I have done all sorts of different things. I have worked in all sorts of conditions, all over the world, doing all sorts of different jobs. I have been lead mechanic in a rally team, I have recovered vehicles for the Police, I have been involved in search and rescue, I have had multiple near-death experiences, I have laughed, loved, and lost. I have been in fires, on fire, over water, I once nearly floated away out to sea, and all kinds of other calamities! When you add all of this together you get some sort of engineering that somehow ends up with an element of danger to it, hence the nick-name “Dangerneering”. I want to tell you all some of the stories from along the way and share with you how I have learned to overcome problems, and how I address various issues that people come to me for help with.



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