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Land Rover MudDangerneering is a blog and product review website. Specialising in vehicle repairs, restorations, and fabrication. With a combined twenty years working in automotive and metal fabrication, coupled with a passion for Land Rovers and Fords, I have a vast experience in vehicle repairs. From basic repairs and maintenance to large scale fabrication projects, mechanical, electrical, welding, and painting.

I am currently rebuilding my Land Rover Defender, and so the story that goes with it will form much of the content on here. My plan, for the moment at least, is to document my journey with my Defender. From the moment I decided to buy it, through all the things I have done with it, right up to where I am now at the rebuild stage.

Along the way, I will be adding reviews about products, tools, parts, and equipment I have used. Many of these reviews will include affiliate links to websites where you can purchase the same or similar products. I feel that this is the fairest way to monetise my content, as the reader you get to find out about items that I have used in real-world situations, and I get to make a little bit of cash to keep this website going.

The third piece to this puzzle is the How-To section. I have gathered knowledge, experience, and techniques from more than twenty years of working on vehicles and doing metal fabrication. I am sharing this knowledge with anyone who wants to use it to help them with their own projects.

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