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Dan BuckleyHi everyone, welcome to my Racecar Parts website! Motorsport and racing cars have been a passion of mine as far back as I can remember. When all my friends wanted the Matchbox versions of Ferrari and Lamborghini I always wanted the Ford Mondeos and Subaru Imprezas. I have also always had a passion for making things, and modifying already made things to make them faster, or lighter, or turn quicker… I even tried adding aerodynamics to my bicycle!

Being a teenager in the Western Isles of Scotland meant that getting to actually see a racing car in real life would be slim to none, so to try to find a scratch for the itch I would spend hours on (dial-up) internet looking at pictures of Touring Cars and Rally Cars and researching all the parts the car builders and teams used, what alterations they made to an everyday family hatchback to turn it into a race car, and how to actually put it all together and run a racing team.

In the time since those early days of my interest in making cars go faster, I have spent roughly ten years working in garages, and another ten years working for a metal fabrication and engineering company. I want to use what I have learned to help anyone who wants to make their car go faster, whether it be a fast road car or a purpose-built competition race car.

A Bit About Why I Like Car Parts So Much

A race car is the sum of its parts, i.e.: all the individual components, from the engine to the smallest bolt, all need to work together in perfect harmony in order to extract the highest performance. You may see a bolt, but I see a hexagonal piece of metal that is too heavy and not aerodynamic enough. From a very young age, I was able to look at Dan Sierra Drag Racesomething and work out how all the parts were put together to make the final product. As a kid, when I got a new Lego set, I used to challenge myself to build it using only the image on the box, I wouldn’t touch the instructions until I was really really really stuck. If you can work how to put something together, you can work out how to make it better. This comes down to understanding the parts that make up the whole.

I’ll always remember being at a house party in Strahan, Tasmania, while working over there (I’m from the UK), and ending up under the bonnet of the host’s car, half-way through the night, while he stood there with a notepad and pen, writing down all the upgrade parts I was advising him to get. I just can’t help myself, I’ll sit and talk cars with anyone. I love looking at the individual elements to see what can be improved and how it all ties in together.

I have literally spent hundreds, maybe even thousands of hours looking at car parts, how they are designed, how their individual shape differs from one to another and understanding why this is important and how it improves performance. I have followed the work of rally teams such as M-Sport, and Prodrive, and individuals like Adrian Newey, and Ross Brawn, I have seen how people and teams can innovate and find performance advantages in the most unlikely of places, which just shows us that there is always a part we can change to make an improvement.

A New Formula

You can ask any of my friends and they will all tell you that within seconds of getting a new car I’ll have it in bits finding ways to make it faster. When they were bolting amps, speakers, neons, and fancy wheels on their cars, I was busy ripping out all the crap I didn’t need to make it as light as possible! Then I would have my nose in all the parts catalogues hunting out all the high-performance bits I needed to get. These days with the internet it’s far easier to just jump on to a website and order up what you need, but how do you know what to buy and where to find it?

Find The Winning Parts Right Here

My goal for this website is to provide the number one resource to finding performance improving car parts, no matter if it’s for a fast road car or a competition built race car. All the best products and gear, all the reviews, all the comparisons and real-world tests, all right here.

Here’s to you on the top step of the podium,



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