Car Shampoo – Your Questions Answered

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Your car needs as much care of the exterior as much as you care for the engine. Car enthusiasts and automobile owners know the appearance of the vehicle matters as much as other parts of the vehicle. Frequent washing with the appropriate tools and methods is guaranteed to ensure your car finish lasts long.

Car shampoo, as the name suggests, is a shampoo for cars. It’s a specially made cleaning agent to care for your vehicle. If you’re a proud owner of a beautiful car and you want to retain its beauty, you should wash the vehicle regularly with car shampoo. Now, you might be thinking car shampoos are not worth it, but trust us when we say getting a car shampoo to care for your car is more than worth it.

Which Car Shampoo Is The Best?AM Bubbles

When you want to buy a shampoo for your car, what’s best is subjective and based on the needs of your car. There are various types of shampoos, all serving different purposes and have advantages and disadvantages. Some car shampoos contain wax, which gives your car shine and an aesthetic appeal; also, you wouldn’t need to buy car wax to apply to your car. The types of shampoos have different formulation, some foam more than others. However, most types of car shampoos are PH neutral; however, you can get shampoos of varying PH. The best types of shampoos for cars are the PH-neutral ones.

Let’s get into the types of car shampoos.

1. PH Neutral Coat Maintenance

This type is specially made to protect ceramic and quartz coating on your car. Usually, the coating is preserved by applying a top coat once in a couple of months. However, the coat maintenance shampoo acts as both the topcoat and car shampoo, keeping your premium coat while keeping your car clean.

2. PH Neutral Soft Wash

This type is designed to be gentle on your paint job, doesn’t strip off wax treatments and sealants on the paint, and sometimes has wax in it. The soft wash is a maintenance shampoo suitable for an everyday wash as it will keep your premium paint job intact and last long.

3. Heavy Duty/ Preparation

This type of shampoo has a superior ability to clean and can be either acidic or non-acidic. The heavy-duty shampoo cleans off everyday dirt and breaks down the previous wax treatments and sealants on the body, and is used when you want to get a new paint job or treatment.

4. PH Neutral Snow Foam Agent

This type of shampoo has a high content of suds, whose foam gives an appearance of snow. It is meant to be used with a snow foam lance. The shampoo is sprayed on the vehicle, totally immersing it, it is left on for about 5 minutes, after which it’s rinsed off. The snow foam removes most of the dirt on a vehicle after application, after which your car is washed usually.

Regardless of the type of car shampoo, all of them serve a singular purpose to keep your car clean, protect your paint job, and make your vehicle look aesthetically satisfactory.

Can I Use Hair Shampoo To Wash My Car?Hair Shampoo

Always use a car shampoo to wash your car, never use hair shampoo and other domestic cleaning agents. Domestic cleaning agents are not made for cars; they are hard on the paint job, and strips off the layer of wax meant to protect the paint job.

Although hair shampoo isn’t as harsh as some household cleaning agents, letting the shampoo sit in for a long time damages the paint; continuous usage as well will eventually wear out the paint job.

How Much Does Car Shampoo Cost?

Prices of car shampoo vary with types, brands, and size of the shampoo. You can usually get a car shampoo for about $5 although there are more expensive ones. Do your research and choose the one that suits you and your budget.

You can get a car detailing service to take care of your car for you. A car detailing includes washing and waxing, interior polish, and tire cleaning, which usually costs anywhere from $50 to $150. This price may vary depending on the service you use.

Are Car Shampoos Bad For My Car?

Car shampoos are not harmful to your car; instead, they are suitable for your car. They are made to protect the finish on your car and retain its original aesthetics. Car shampoos are formulated to loosen dirt and various organic contaminants from the surface of your vehicle. Contaminants, especially organic ones, break down the surface of the paint and causes it to wear off, giving your car a discolouration or even destroy the metal plate underneath.

Car shampoos are designed not to damage your paint job, and if you wish to protect and preserve it, you have to use a car shampoo.

Are Car Washes Bad For My Car?

You might not have enough time to spare to hand wash your car, so you opt for a car wash. If you’re wondering if car washes damage your paint job, the answer isn’t entirely straightforward. Although car washes have their benefits, they also have shortcomings. Some automatic car washes don’t properly maintain the brushes, which accumulate dirt and can scratch your car, leaving swirl marks, or they use hard brushes, which cause micro damage to your paint job.

You can opt for a touch-free system car wash. A touch-free car wash uses jets of water instead of brushes. However, it also has its shortcomings. The cleaning agent is often acidic, and the jet of water doesn’t thoroughly remove the shampoo from the body, which invariably leads to the wearing of the paint.

Car Cleaning Tips

Now that you have a shampoo for your car, you want to get to washing it. These are helpful tips to help you washST Wheel Wash your car correctly.

  • Use the two bucket method of washing. It involves using two buckets ideally with a grit guard to stop dirt from going back on the car. One containing shampoo and the other has water to rinse the mitt or sponge. Rinse the mitt or sponge first every time you want to apply more shampoo to it.
  • Don’t wash in direct sunlight. Also, avoid washing when the car is hot as this will dry out the shampoo fast and might leave some deposits and cause spotting.
  • Wash the tires first to prevent mud and dirt splashing on the car as you wash the body.
  • Rinse your vehicle first and/or apply a snow foam agent to loosen the grime on the body. Wash from the top and work your way down.
  • Don’t rub in circles, instead move lengthways to prevent swirl marks on the paint job.
  • Rinse off the shampoo with an ample amount of water.
  • Don’t air-dry as this may leave watermarks. Use a soft towel to dry it up.

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