Land Rover Defender Project


Land Rover Defender Project -First Modifications

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Welcome to the second installment of the story about my Land Rover Defender Project, if you haven’t seen the first part, click here to read part 1. In this post I will talk about the first modifications I did to my Defender, and share with you the good and the bad…. Out With The Plywood and In With The Dogs As I mentioned in the Introduction post, I had two dogs at the time, and they were one of the main factors behind getting a vehicle such as a 4×4. There’s just something about dogs… Read More »Land Rover Defender Project -First Modifications


Land Rover Defender Project – Introduction

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Welcome to the first installment of my Land Rover Defender Project! In this series of posts, I am going to be covering the total rebuild of my Defender, as well as the back story to the project and in this post, the pre-story. This is going to be like a build-log, or b-log. Yes, that’s right people, I even managed to Dangerneer the word “blog”. Right then, lets get into it… Where It All Began When I think back to where I first got the Land Rover bug, there is one particular point in my… Read More »Land Rover Defender Project – Introduction