Impact Torx Bits – Sealey AK5610 Review

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The Sealey AK5610 is a neat little set of impact Torx bits. It comes in an injection moulded tray and includes the bit holder, which itself features a grub screw to hold the Torx bit to prevent it from falling out.

Key Product Features

sealey_ak5610As I mentioned above, the Sealey AK5610 set comes complete with a moulded tray to keep everything neat and tidy. It does not have a lid, as many tools sets do, I actually find this to be an advantage when storing your tools in a tool chest. Often I would end up removing the lids for ease of access when in a tool chest drawer.

The bit holder also features a grub screw which can be tightened into a recess on one side of the Torx bit. The grub screw requires a small Allen key, which is not included in the set. I guess you’ll just have to buy a set of Sealey Allen keys too! I really like this idea of the grub screw to hold the bit in place, it prevents it from falling out when you are threading it into the depths of an engine bay, for example. It is a clever alternative to the usual magnetised bit holder, which can be a pain when they stick to things you don’t want them to.

The bit holder is 1/2″ drive, and the bits themselves are 10mm hex drive. This makes them nice and chunky, and means just about anyone will have the tools to use it.

Benefits of This Product

Because the Sealey AK5610 Torx set is specifically manufactured as an impact product, it means you can use not only an impact gun (air or electric) but also an impact driver, for those stubborn rusted in bolts. Another benefit here is that, should you really need to, you can hammer it into rounded off bolt heads, or even bolts that have snapped off completely, as shown in a previous article I have written: BROKEN EXHAUST MANIFOLD BOLT REMOVAL

Intended Target User

sealey_ak5610On Sealey’s website, they say this about the Premier brand:

“Superior quality hand tools suitable for daily use by the professional user. Designed and manufactured from the highest quality components, these tools are made to last a lifetime.”

So, to me, this says the Premier range of tools, which this Torx bit set is in, is intended for use by full-time mechanics who will be using them every day for their work. You can expect high-quality materials and components, as well as a lifetime guarantee (excluding the T40) against manufacturing defects.

While you might not be a professional full-time mechanic, the price point on this particular set of impact Torx bits (I paid £17.50 ~ US$23.72) makes it difficult to justify buying any sort of alternative. Any other sets I looked at were not much cheaper, about £15, didn’t look as robust, and don’t come with a lifetime warranty. If you bought anything else you really would be wasting your money.


Pros and Cons


  • Great price
  • Grub screw on the bit holder
  • Comes in a nice little tray
  • Chunky, impact-proof
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Professional quality


  • No Allen key included for the grub screw
  • Replacement Torx bits are not available separately
  • The T40 is not covered by the guarantee

sealey_ak5610Price and Where to Buy

As I mentioned above, I paid £17.50 (US$23.72) for this item at my local Autoparts shop.

Sealey’s recommended retail price is £29.94 (inc vat).

Available on eBay for £14.95.

This post contains affiliate links. Please see Affiliate Disclosure for more information.

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